Centre for Ethics in Medicine & Society (CEMS)

Centre for Ethics and Medicine in Society (CEMS) is an independent body engaged in research, education and practice in relation to the ethical aspects of medicine, health care and the biological sciences. It works broadly and collaboratively with individuals and organisations around the world from clinical, academic, educational and community backgrounds to enhance understanding and to build capacity in these fields.

CEMS engages in a range of educational activities, including vocational training, provision of on-line teaching resources, and support for educational activities in various institutions around the world.

CEMS offers an Intensive Research Ethics Course twice a year, at Bowral NSW in May and Hepburn Springs, Victoria in November-December. It collaborates with PRAXIS Australia in the offering of online training courses  and individualised courses for practitioners and researchers with specific educational needs.

CEMS welcomes enquiries from students who may be interested in undertaking study for a higher degree in relation to ethics or social research in medicine and the health sciences.

Dialogue, Empathic Engagement & Peacebuilding (DEEP) Network

Dialogue, Empathic Engagement & Peacebuilding (DEEP) Network is a global community of peace workers, researchers and policy makers committed to a sustainable and peaceful world.

The DEEP Network, in collaboration with marginalized local communities, initiates and supports intercultural dialogue and education projects grounded in “elicitive conflict transformation”, a systematic approach to conflict and peace practice that opens new, powerful pathways to peace and good living/buen vivir.

Centre for Dialogue


Founded in 2005, the Centre for Dialogue specialises in the theory, method and practice of dialogue across communities, ideologies, cultures, religions, nations and civilisations, the Centre for Dialogue. Fostering research, education and training, policy development and community engagement locally, nationally and internationally, the Centre for Dialogue was welcomed by the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as ‘com[ing] at a period of sharply increasing intolerance, extremism and violence...that is why initiatives such as your Centre for Dialogue are so important.

Committed to a substantial program of fundamental and applied research, community projects and policy development, the Centre for Dialogue's key mission is to produce new knowledge of high social impact. That is, new knowledge of considerable value to policy development and community engagement in different contexts, such as governments, international agencies and a range of Australian and international philanthropic, professional and community organisations. Through its various dialogue and community projects and programs, the Centre for Dialogue also contributes to the strengthening of cultural diversity, multiculturalism, community cohesion, peace building and social justice in Australia as well as internationally.