Global Reconciliation Chair Dur-é Dara with former Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce at 2016 DTRF award.

Annual Reports


2018 Annual Report

Message from the Chair and Executive Director

Global Reconciliation celebrates its fifteenth year. We have learned a great deal about our style and capacities in this time and have developed a progressively stronger and more extensive identity as predominantly a training and research group. We train leaders in Australia and overseas in the skills and insight enabling them to promote within their communities the understanding of dialogue dedicated to working with and across conflict. The need to develop capacity for engagement in and commitment to dialogue has never been greater. Both globally and locally we have seen parallel roots of alienation and violence, and we have endeavoured to contribute at all levels and be available to newly arising possibilities towards overcoming these problems.

In Africa, the UK, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Middle East we have engaged in conversation with grassroots activists and leaders exploring needs and reconciliation possibilities. Locally we have committed to current issues concerning youth alienation, family violence and diaspora communities.

Our most exciting project has been the ongoing development of aidXchange, which will now offer unique innovative online capacities both for international activists to meet and collaborate, and for war-torn peoples to showcase and reinforce the positive in their cultures, with the potential to raise morale and promote cohesive identity independent of the ravages of conflict and the inequalities of aid.

Our Global Advisors and partners continue to be active in spreading the vision and mission of Global Reconciliation both in their home countries and in their diaspora communities. Our partnership with Lentil as Anything has developed in strength and breadth, with our Executive Director now being Chair of the Lentil Board and looking at new, transparent and sharing forms of management. Our partnership and development of Palaver thrives, publishing new, community-oriented writing.

We are always excited by new ideas and open to suggestions for fresh projects. Above, all we are honoured to be able to continue to work with countless people of such courage and imagination. None of this inspiring achievement would be possible without the tireless work of our board, our executive, our administrative staff and our wonderful, indispensable volunteer team!

Thanks to you all!

Dur-é Dura OAM, Chair

Professor Paul Komesaroff AM, Executive Director


Global Reconciliation 2018 Annual Report