Tutu Reconciliation Fellowships


The Desmond Tutu Reconciliation Fellowship recognises and supports people from all walks of life as they contribute to reconciliation projects within, between and across communities. The Reconciliation Fellowship supports activities undertaken by individuals that facilitate dialogue and practical engagement aimed at enhancing understanding and developing collaboration. It promotes reconciliation by bringing global support to individuals engaged in local projects.

Tutu Reconciliation Fellows are appointed on the basis of their work in the broad area of reconciliation. A key consideration in the selection process is the likelihood that a person’s ongoing work will generate deep and sustainable outcomes that advance reconciliation in one or more communities.

The Tutu Fellowship provides recognition and support to enable people from all walks of life to explore and develop the reconciliation dimensions of a particular project, activity or issue.

To support community-based activities that promote reconciliation
To develop experiences, knowledge and expertise in relation to grass-roots reconciliation projects
To provide fertile and supportive environments in which the various themes of and diverse perspectives on reconciliation can interact with and support each other
To foster a learning process in reconciliation that utilizes the powerful contemporary resources of communication
To contribute to the development of a living archive of reconciliation resources documenting reconciliation experiences and supporting their sharing and dissemination through forums, web-based notice boards, and networks

Expectations of Tutu Reconciliation Fellows

We ask that Fellows continue to act in harmony with the principle of Global Reconciliation: to promote by non-violent means processes of dialogue and practice across boundaries of continuing difference.

As recipients of the Reconciliation Fellowship, and in keeping with our principle of public dialogue, we ask that Fellows provide us with brief annual reports on their work that we can make public. We also request that Fellows make themselves available to support other members of the global reconciliation community where appropriate and as the need arises.