2016 June Oscar

June Oscar AO is an Australian Aboriginal of Bunuba descent, indigenous rights activist, community health and welfare worker, and film & theatre producer. Oscar is best known for her fight against Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and work in improving the lives of Aboriginal people in remote communities. In 2007, she led the successful campaign for alcohol restrictions in the town of Fitzroy Valley. On 10 June 2013, Governor-General of Australia Quentin Bryce awarded Oscar an Officer of the Order of Australia, for ‘distinguished service to the Indigenous community of Western Australia, particularly through health and social welfare programs'.

2013 Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi AC is a Burmese opposition politician and chairperson of the National League for Democracy in Burma. After years living and studying abroad, she returned to Burma in 1988 to find violent protests against military rule. Speaking out against the Myanmar Government she was placed under house arrest until finally being released in 2010. She is chair of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and is contesting the 2015 Presidential elections. For her stand on peace and democracy she received many international awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

2012 Nanko Van Buuren

Nanko Van Buuren, may his gentle soul rest in peace, worked for over twenty years in some of the most violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, building community-engaged and sustainable responses to violence, organized crime and social exclusion. Remarkably, through his organization, Instituto Brasileiro de Inovações em Saúde, Nanko established simultaneous working relationships with government and with dozens of shanty-town communities, including those at war with one another.

2011 Modjtaba Sadria

Award withdrawn 2016.

2009 Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is an Australian-trained doctor based in London, formerly Director of the International Health Division of the Salvation Army, now the Founding Director of Affirm Associates, which he funds from his own part-time work as a doctor. Affirm helps facilitate community responses to HIV and AIDS.


2009 Katarina Pejovic

Katarina Pejovic is an artist based in Zagreb, Croatia, who is working in an urban environment to reconstruct the possibility of community in a time of ruthless social change.


2009 Elizabeth Langslow

Elizabeth Langslow is a documentary film-maker who has worked in Uganda and Central Australia. Elizabeth is based in regional Victoria and works with ACMI and local government in “digital storytelling”.