Sharing knowledge, experience and skills

Global Reconciliation has a network of highly skilled and in demand consultants available to share knowledge, experience and skills to build cultures of reconciliation around the globe. We work to build community resilience in the face of conflict, to build peace, and to create healthy dialogues to foster reconciliation. Our consultants work independently with clients from the non-profit, private and government sectors to provide specialist reconciliation and peace building consulting services to clients globally.

Reconciliaiton consultants are experts in policy development and community infrastructure and capacity-building in the fields of health, economics, anthropology, education, environment, justice, ethics and law.

Global Reconciliation consultants are skilled in the conduct of community consultations and dialogues in the fields of reconciliation, capacity-building, conflict resolution, and response to community need in settings of cultural, political or economic stress. Our geographic areas of familiarity and experience are extremely broad, covering more than 50 countries in all the major regions of the world.

They offer clients specialised services in the following areas:

► Facilitation of reconciliation dialogue

► Developing process pathways for reconciliation

► Design and facilitation of reconciliation training courses

► Capacity building for reconciliation

► Reviews of existing reconciliation strategies / approaches

► Development of reconciliation policy for communities, organisations and governments

Consultants may also offer development and implementation of detailed project plans, including full review of the literature, development of methodological strategies, data collection and analysis, and preparation of reports and publications.

To learn how our consultants can help your organisation contact Victoria Baldwin